This is NEAT – reader Jay brought this to my attention this afternoon – here’s the link. So Netdata is a system monitoring tool – but better than any I’ve seen up to now – certainly on the Raspberry Pi – so I simply followed the instructions in that link, took all of 5 mins and no effort and….. at port 19999…


Noooo, that’s not all – there’s miles and miles of it… live data. CPU, load, disks, ram, networks, processes, interrupts, softIRQs – the list (on the right – not shown here) goes on and on.. Really nice web display of useful info. Enjoy (It isn’t Raspberry Pi specific).



5 thoughts on “Netdata

  1. Pete, thanks a lot for this note!
    Very nice tool for lazy sysadmin - all nteresting at one page with descriptions.
    Don't think this tool must be running all time because of flash limits. But in special case it is excellent!

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