ESP-GO Update–the ILI9340 other drivers

There’s a discussion going on in here about the M5 Stack and one of the guys says he wants to use ESP8266 – now then is possibly a good time to announce that I’ve been updating the code in ESP-GO for  the ILI9340 and QD-Tech displays. It is all in the doc file but here are some pics… An ESP-12 board plus cheap display..


Above the ILI9340 and below the smaller and lower res QD-Tech board, in this case boxed up on the wall as a stat display….




I’ve just updated the node node-red-contrib-timeout. This is as always, available at also at

In there, interested viewers will find that as well as the normal msg.payload showing the status, there is now also msg.countdown showing the remaining time in seconds.


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Goral S7 0.96” IPS Colour Blood Pressure Watch

Today’s post got off to a good start with this colour sports watch with pulse, blood pressure and blood sugar level indication, but all of that is just icing on the cake – the watch is beautiful. I own a Gear S2 Classic and by comparison, many watches look pathetic and for a tiny fraction of the cost of the S2, my hopes were not high but I have to say the Goral S7 is lovely. The watch came from Banggood – details below…

Goral S7 0.96" IPS Color Screen Blood Pressure Smart Watch--

More Smart Wristbands --

EU Warehouse --

Goral S7

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Home Control 2018 and ESP-GO

Introduction (Latest update August 17, 2018)

HomeSick of reading about other people’s home control? Want to make your own? Got some electronics and software experience? You’re going to LOVE THIS! Rock-solid home control, flexible, low cost, DIY.



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The M5 Stack

M5StackThe M5 Stack looks to be a reasonable use of the ESP32 and for those who need to start from a boxed product with display, it might just have a bright future.

In a nutshell this is a pretty looking ESP32-based box with display and buttons. Do with it what you will. It needs low voltage and the basic unit comes with internal battery supply. instructions, 0.1” pin leads and a USB C lead for charging and serial connection.

The M5 Stack Extensible Micro Control Module WiFi Bluetooth ESP32 Development Kit or Core Module --
Arduino Compatible SCM & DIY Kits --

M5 stackI just HAD to order one and so I thought I’d put a note in here for people into the ESP32 and I’m already seeing responses including a useful note from Bob H and comments from others.  All in all I’m already convinced I need this gadget on my hallway wall even though I’m not yet entirely sure what to do with it. Perhaps people who are ahead of me might write in soon to save me re-inventing the wheel.

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Mini ES120 Motion Control Screwdriver

ES120 ScrewdriverA long-awaited little tool turned up for me this morning, the ES120 motion control electric screwdriver.

The unit operates off an internal Lithium battery and charges by micro-USB. Operation could not be easier. Hold in the button and the screwdriver starts. It is also reverse-able, obviously. Direction is controlled by rotating the screwdriver while holding the button.

When plugged into USB on your computer, you can download and replace the firmware by entering DFU mode, instructions are provided in English and Chinese.

Here are relevant Banggood links (now working):

MINI ES120 Mini Motion Control Screwdriver -- 
More Professional Tools -- 
EU Warehouse --

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Roidmi Smart Car Charger 3S

This Xiaomi cigarette-lighter-sized car charger has 2 USB outputs totalling 2.4 amps output and is able to talk via Bluetooth to your mobile phone so that those without Bluetooth on the car radio can tune into a special low power FM transmission and pick up their phone music to play via the car stereo speakers. The unit came from GearBest – here’s the link…

Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S Bluetooth Music Car Charger:

Roidme 3S

Thr Roidmi website is out of date, featuring models 2 and 2s whereas the unit I have is model 3S. Operation requires little explanation. Once the unit is paired to your phone by Bluetooth, all sound output will go to the unit and be retransmitted by radio (FM) to the car radio. The unit also of course has 2 USB charging outputs which can be used for example to charge your phone or tablet.

Roidmi 3S

The Roidmi 3S looks solid enough, if you are unfortunate enough not to have Bluetooth on your car stereo, it could prove useful. The brief instructions (which I didn’t need) were in English.

I must admit to being sceptical at first, I’ve seen similar units over the years promising to send music over FM and usually ending up with disastrous sound. This unit on the other hand has true, clear stereo and sounds GREAT with no interference from other stations, at least, not here in the Granada region of Southern Spain. My UK car has full Bluetooth but our little Spanish run-around has no Bluetooth and as the radio stations are Spanish, has, up to now been essentially useless. Now, we can stream our music from the phone to the radio – marvellous.


TV Technology

I constantly have several computer projects on the go at once and thanks to the likes of WinSCP etc I can run several real and virtual computers on the same screen, all fighting for screen area and of course hide-able and re-sizeable. This has been the norm for some years.

Meanwhile despite tremendous advances in quality and (long overdue) increase in density), our TV screens have no such concept as virtual HDMI. How I would love to simply have one large screen attached to half a dozen gadgets using virtual HDMI inputs on the TV.



GL iNET MT300N V2 Mini Router

I recently bought this low-cost Mini-router without having a clear idea of how to use it, other than to somehow get past the RIDICULOUS GEO-restrictions that providers such as the BBC and others put on their TV content. My MT300N (Mango) is yellow incidentally, like the photo. Only today after very carefully reading the instructions and comparing to other routers did I realise what a winner it really is.

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