Some thoughts on Node Red variables

In learning how to use Node-Red I’ve changed my coding countless times as I’ve found better ways to do things. Please note that in 2017, the way I use global variables here is out of date. It still works but for example is now written as global.set(“fred”,1). Read this…

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Erm, no, though you might think so by this headline.. Read the comments – the $5 ESP8266 – where?  $2 ESP8266 more like it – less, even – There’s even a claim that this new single-source board (Seeed Studio) has MORE memory – well at least one variation…

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Cheap ESP8266 NodeMCU

Seems like a good offer from Banggood – from their China warehouse (the EU warehouse is for some reason more expensive) And while we’re on – a new board..

Automatic Router Selection for ESP8266

I wonder if anyone who has done this can help.  As most of you know, I program my ESP8266 devices in C.  I’ve been having some issues with weak signal recently and it would be really nice to have a list of acceptable access points and their passwords – and…

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