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The 2300mW Laser for EleksLaser

This is definitely looking like a good day… here’s the second item in today’s post, the long-awaited laser for my EleksMaker Laser Engraver….

EleksMaker Laser

EleksMaker Laser

See updates to original EleksMaker engraver blog entry for more. I am SO excited that this blue laser has turned up complete with upgraded 2.5A power supply and connector – and after focussing (manual) works a treat. I have it set on low power right now until I get to be good at this.
® EleksLaser-A3 Pro Laser Engraving Machine --
LA03-500 405nm 500mW Blue Laser Module With Heat Sink --\
2300mW Blue Laser Module  --
Wholesale Laser Equipment --
Warehouse --


ISDT Smart Charger C4

As you can imagine, I’ve looked at many chargers, lots of them have proven to be disappointing, many are just plain boring. Early days but this ISDT C4 charger (from Banggood) looks neither. Indeed it looks marvellous.

C4 Charger

From initial impression through to operation this looks like a complete winner to me up to now. 4 sides of the manual are in English, certainly enough to get started. The unit does charging, discharging, storage charging, activation (for batteries that look dead, I so wish other chargers would do this), analysis and USB charging (to charge phones)….

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The Tattu Wall Charger

Full of excitement, I opened the mail this morning to find my shiny new TATTU wall charger from here

Tattu charger

The excitement took a momentary hit as  I soon discovered that my Qubot Note+ smartphone does not handle the high speed Quick Charge 3 option which would have been indicated on the front of the charger in green, instead I got the normal charging blue light.

Meanwhile I tested my wife’s HTC phone and sure enough, the charger’s green Quick Charge 3 light came straight on and her phone began rapid charge. MAGIC.

Not that long after, the phone was fully charged. Perhaps my Doogee Mix 2 will similarly charge quickly when it comes back from the repair shop.

When purchased in the UK the TATTU

unit comes complete with both UK and EU detachable plugs, is small and looks well made. In the US Amazon store they have the American version which will have a US mains plug.


NanoPC T4 from FriendlyArm

I’ve been itching to say SOMETHING about this new SBC board from FriendlyArm. This  clearly is not meant to compete with the Raspberry Pi – not at the price –it is meant to blow it away. The NanoPC-T4 is “by far the smallest RK3399 based high performance ARM board with popular ports and interfaces” according to FriendlyArm.

At 100mm x 64mm the board is comparable to other SBCs out there but comes complete with 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, 4K video, 2 camera inputs, USB3, Gigabit Ethernet and so much more, at a correspondingly premium price.


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DSO Module for LAP-C

Some of you will recall that last year I wrote about the excellent ZeroPlus Logic Cube PC-based logic analyser – part of their LAP-C series.  To make life easy, here’s the original article -

DSO module for ZeroPlus

The Logic Cube is a great all round logic analyser in a handy case and now is now also an oscilloscope thanks to the DSO module which comes complete with the needed connectors and a pair of quality scope leads as well as instructions in a handy box.

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Allmaybe USB Wall Charger

The last item (or pair of items) today are the strangely named Allmaybe USB wall charger (American fitting) complete with universal mains adaptor (US/EU/UK).

Maximum USB rating 3.5 amps total from the dual outputs.  Granted the name is odd, but this equipment packs plenty of power and looks well constructed. In addition the adaptor has it's own supply and four USB outputs.

Allmaybe charger with universal adaptor

Banggood links:

Allmaybe EU2-ST LCD Screen 2Ports USB Wall Charger--

All in One Universal International Plug Adapter --

10% off Wholesale Electronics (EU Warehouse)-- (code: EUELE10)



I’ve been waiting for this intelligent charger for a while..  a 4-battery charger with button-programmable individual charge of 0.5a, 1a and 2a per battery. But what makes this one a little special is this: it handles Ni-CD, NI-MH, LifePO4 and Li-Ion batteries of varying sizes. In short it’s a winner. Power supply is included in a separate unit. Total output is 6 amps. The unit also has a USB output 5v at 2.1 amps. Lovely.

Here is the ADEASKA SQ4 Intelligent LCD Display USB Battery Charger -

Adeaska charger

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XY003 Solar Sensor Light

Today I received the XY003 Solar Sensor Light, a delightful outside (and well made) solar wall light which came from Banggood, branded as ARILUX® AL-SL18 1W Solar 15 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light -- – the 15 LEDs give off LOTS of light when required and is a step up from the average while still being reasonably priced. Notably the unit seems well sealed and hence should last.

Solar light

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JEWEI Colour TFT USB Tester

Today in the post I received a little Jewei USB tester from Banggood – to give it the full title - JUWEI Multifunctional Color TFT USB Tester Bluetooth Type-C PD Digital Voltmeter, Current Meter, Ammeter, Power Bank Charger Indicator.

Banggood asked me to include this link: JUWEI Multifunctional Color TFT USB Tester Bluetooth Type-C PD Digital Voltmeter --

And here it is, I went off to their web ad in search of software and docs, sure enough all in one place from that link above.

Here’s the PC software (I also have Android software) and the unit itself which has a Bluetooth adaptor and both USB I/O and USB C I/O connectors. Smashing little device which test various charging protocols including QuickCharge 3. If you want more, follow the link higher up. Ignore warnings about the site not being secure.

USB tester

PC software

Other relevant Banggood links:
Wholesale Measurement & Instruments --
off Wholesale Electronics (EU Warehouse)-- (code: EUELE10)


MobaXterm Pro

This morning, William Taur of Mobatek sent me the latest Pro version of their MobaXterm product, and very nice it is. Mostly I use the excellent WinSCP but recently I’ve been trying out the free version of MobaXterm with great success. Excellent as it is, if you have lots of connections, you soon get tired of the limits to the number of saved sessions and so I’m excited to now own the Pro version.

MobaXterm for those who don’t know, is a Windows program which handles lots and lots of communication protocols including SSH (like WinSCP), Telnet, RSH, XDMCP, RDP, VNC, FTP, SFTP, Serial and many more and also has a range of servers including TFTP, FTP, HTTP, SSH/SFTP, Telnet, NFS, VNC, Cron and Iperf. There is also a built-in package manager but I’ve not figured that out yet. All in all a sheer work of art. Read all about it on their site. They have other products but I’ll leave it with you to progress (or not).