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RPi Buster and RPI-Clone

BusterSee the later blog entry about RPI4 and Buster as issues I had here have been resolved.

No doubt there are many of you out there with Raspberry Pi Single Board Computers who have for some time, like me been using “rpi-clone” to successfully clone/backup their PI to known good SDs like Sandisk or Samsung SDs… maybe initially with Raspbian Stretch or even earlier versions… and who have now moved to the “Buster” upgrade as recommended by RPI. Well – there is (was) a potential problem using RPI-Clone if you took the upgrade (as against fresh start) approach as many of us needed to do in order to preserve months or years of work. Read on over the break…

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Dock Dock!

DockDock!I’m not really sure what to make of this one though it is starting to grow on me. A Paris-based start-up company with website just sent me a sample of their new product. The slogan on their website is “Make Your Tablet Great Again!”.

What you get for €28 is essentially 4 magnets that hold your tablet to your fridge door, along with a magnetic adaptor and 3 metre charging lead for your tablet with a LED light at the end.

The tablet end of the lead is micro-USB – I’d have thought offering USB-C as an option might’ve made sense.

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Solar HD1080P IP67 Camera

tmp83C3To give my latest gadget its full title – Solar powered HD 1080p Wireless PIR waterproof security outdoor IP67 camera. Originally I received an ESCAM solar camera which was GREAT but which would not operate reliably in the outdoor heat despite its other great features. This is is my alternative pick and after several days of un-interrupted, external solar operation it is proving to be 100% reliable.

So, straight off the bat, I LIKE this camera, I also have a couple of MINOR gripes about the Android “i-Cam” app – no volume control on the sound… I like the idea of talking to the postman from thousands of miles away… .but to offset that –  there are ways around the lack of sound control as I have a fully remotely controllable Raspberry Pi here in Spain. The camera, as well as being fully solar operated (it came minus batteries and I just fitted 2 cheap Lithium 18650 (maybe 2,000maH) batteries  – it only actually needs one but I thought better safe than sorry)  is fixed lens and has a wide field of view complete with 2-way sound.

There’s a video I made here:

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Bakeey H8 Blood Pressure Diamond Bracelet

Bakeey H8Ok, so it isn’t real diamond, but the Bakeey H8 Blood Pressure Stainless Bracelet does a good job of looking the part for an inexpensive band.

My wife has a nice Mi3 watch – good battery life but a tad boring and like most of these cheap bands, it is plastic, no two ways about it.

Time for something different then.  Shipped from various countries, in my case as the cost was lower I had it shipped from China but delivery was still pretty good.

There are several models, they do black, bright silver or gold(ish). I went for the rose gold look in this case. It REALLY does look different to the other bands. I’m putting this up now as I think Banggood’s promotional sale ends August 4th.

We’re looking at heart rate, blood pressure, sport mode, turn light, alarm, sedentary reminder, sports, sleep, pedometer, anti-lost (whatever that means), find band and camera trigger.

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RabbitMQ MQTT Broker

RabbitMQHere’s a guest post by my friend and collaborator Aidan Ruff. You’ll usually find him talking about his solar home in Spain or the kind of IOT stuff I do, in this instance, where I swear by Mosquitto MQTT, Aidan has always had a preference for RabbitMQ. Here goes:

When using “The Script” to setup a Raspberry Pi as an IOT controller, you have the choice to install Mosquito as an MQTT broker. Regular readers of the blog will know that an MQTT broker is the essential heart of the kind of IOT setups we usually discuss in here. Without MQTT, there iss no channel for ESP-GO! devices to communicate with each other.

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