3rd Generation ESP

3rd board

At long last – a board without bugs! Well, we decided not to bother with the little ‘85 control chip but other than that everything works – no hidden repair links.   The white board in the middle is the latest and it is sporting an ESP-12e though we’ve not attempted to make use of the extra pins – however as they’re just as cheap as the ESP-12 we thought.. and why not. The red board is sporting a 12v to 5v convertor as I need a couple that run off a car battery and the other two have 230v supplies on them.  Just need to give the board a good hammering now before building up a stock to take with me for the summer.

THIS home control article deals with the commands the board handles.


5 thoughts on “3rd Generation ESP

  1. Just a quick question about your AC/DC converter…did you mount them onto the PCB using pin headers?

  2. How do plan to control your lights? with which board?
    How or from where to you get the N and H (220VAC) to the board?
    Did you replaced all your switches?

    I’m asking this because if I wish to use this and replace all my switches.

    1. I plan to control lights and heating with MQTT on a Raspberry Pi. I’ll likely talk to the Pi via websockets from my phone.
      I’ll do it with the board we’ve been working on but we’ve another revision coming as we need PWM on 3 outputs (for LED strip) which means adding MOSFETS. Looking at that now.
      On our board the 230vAC comes from one of two places. In the case of powering 12v LEDs a separate 12v power supply in which case the board will be fitted with a DC/DC convertor from 12v to 5v… or if just controlling a relay for example, a small Chinese 230vAC to 5v supply on the board.
      What switches? In my new house I’ve had the electrician wire it so I can override wall switches.

      Does that make sense?

      1. If you wired all your lights electric by yourself then yes.
        I’m trying to replace all my light switches without the need to “play” with the wiring.
        Well, like plug&play. I don’t what to insert new wires for the controller board.

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