70mai Midrive TP03 12V Portable Car Tire Inflator

Ok, I’ll grant you, not very high-tech – but when I got the opportunity to get on of these to test, I happily jumped at the opportunity as I don’t trust the tire pressure inflators in the few garages out here in the wilds that actually have one (I think from WW2 in one case) as they all give different readings.

The 70mai Midrive TP03 12V Portable Car Tire Inflator works well and reliably. I’m going on nothing more than experience (several decades of driving) for accuracy – it feels and sounds right.

70mai TP03

When the inflator arrived I could not understand why it would not charge – then quickly realised that’s because it doesn’t have a battery – you plug it into the car cigarette lighter (of, I suggest, an idling car) to use, not to charge. My second thought was – will the power lead be long enough for the unit to reach the spare in the back of the car? Yes, though in a BIG car you might wish to ensure you have a second power socket (cigarette lighter socket) in the back of the car.

The unit is small and sturdy, comes in a nice container and I can think of no reason NOT to leave it in the boot permanently. The stock photos in the link above are much nicer than my photos but then if I used the former, you would have no idea if I’d actually used this thing.

The TP03 offers a clear display (I ended up with strobing effects in my photo attempts), shows readings in 3 formats including BAR and PSI – I use PSI. From memory I knew my tires should be 30 PSI – on checking with the TP03 they were around 22-24 PSI – and the SPARE in the boot was around 8PSI. They are now all at exactly 30 PSI and they even LOOK about right. Next time I’m in a big city I’ll compare with readings from two brand new garages but for now I’m happy the result is near enough.

As a last comment, the steering FEELS much lighter so clearly my tires WERE too far down (we last checked them after a drive to the nearest garage in the height of Spanish summer heat – not a good idea now I come to think about it) whereas today I filled the tires in front of our house with outside temperatures around 18c. The TP03 comes ready to weork with normal car tyres but supplied with 3 adaptors – see link if interested.

So, am I happy? Yes, absolutely.


4 thoughts on “70mai Midrive TP03 12V Portable Car Tire Inflator

    1. Hi Andy – as a follower you’ll have realised by now that I write about lots of things that come under the description of “gadget”, not just home automation, however, just for you, if you check in later today I’m working on a general home automation update right now.

      You may not be aware but like much of the world, my present location is currently in “lockdown” – and playing with any kind of new gadget surely beats the alternative “Covid-boredom” 🙂 I can only thank the postal service for keeping deliveries going.

      Sneak preview – I’m finally abandoning Blynk in part because of the space-consuming “Zergba” – I’ve been warming up to Node-Red Dashboard for some time but I’m also playing with the popular “Home Assistant” – not without issues and I’m not ready to do a full writeup on the latter yet but I will talk briefly about the latest update v0.1.1.7 which strangely enough only came out this week along with the matching Tasmota update ( which came out at the same time.

      More on all of that and more in the update later today.

    1. That’s a very good point Nigel. I’ve just asked the question – thanks for the prompt. My original tire pressure monitor got damaged at a UK garage back, I believe, in July while removing a tire and I’m expecting a new model.

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