88VF Max Lithium One-Hand Chainsaw

The exact unit I’m going to refer to is currently sold out but this Banggood link shows several similar chainsaws and includes an identical model. This is a cute gadget.

88VF Chainsaw

Now I should point out that unlike larger models, this 88VF Electric Saw Cordless One-Hand Chain Saw (see link higher up – and thats a model number, not a voltage) does not have a safety latch – so if you are tempted, be aware that if you use it irresponsibly, you could end up doing some damage. Personally I love it.

Maureen and I have used this mini-chainsaw to cut up all kinds of branches and bits of wood for our wood-burning stove here in Southern Spain – if nothing else, in winter where we are, there is no shortage of kindling lying around in the countryside – but I’m averse to using a (larger. more expensive and usually not completely reliable) petrol-driven tool for the job, preferring something that can sit in the boot of the car and run when needed without worrying about whether or not it will start. As always, I should point out that despite its size, this variable-speed chainsaw is not a toy so be careful. Also as with other chainsaws, the chain should be a good fit so it cannot possibly slip off but not so tight that it is resistant to turning. It doesn’t take long to get this right.

The chainsaw assembles in minutes and comes complete with plug-in-the-wall power supply. A 2500maH Lithium battery is included, working time is claimed to be 1.5 hours though of course that depends on the load you put on it. Again the claim is up to 100mm square wood – I cut the top few inchess off a round in-situ fence post up without difficulty and I’ve done lots of branches and assorted twigs which were just too strong to break by hand.

The guide plate length of this 800w chainsaw is 4 inches (approx 100mm). The ad claims that the special guide plate, tungsten steel ball does not need to be lubricated, so that the machine reduces resistance during operation and reduces wear on the machine – I chose to play safe and use a little 3-in-1 oil.

Once you have one of these, you could end up wondering how you ever managed without one… and that is where Maureen and I find ourselves. I’ve had this for a couple of weeks now and was holding back this blog entry until they came back into stock but as you’ll see in the link at the very top (take a look), there are a range of similar models.


6 thoughts on “88VF Max Lithium One-Hand Chainsaw

  1. Hi Peter,
    Sorry, I wasn’t directing my complaint at you, just saying that these multi listings are making it very difficult to find a bargain.

  2. Hi Peter,
    I like the look of your Mini Chainsaw, but I HATE the multi listings that Banggood and eBay allow.
    You see an item at a good price, but when you get there, the price is only for a replacement chain, or maybe it doesn’t include the battery or charger.
    It’s rubbish and really annoys me.

    1. Hi Paul
      This doesn’t usually happen here. On my blog entries I usually put an exact listing – but this time I discovered the exact model had suddenly become unavailable – so I quickly dropped a line to Banggood and asked them to send me a link that would cover a suitable alternative.

      Best they could manage 🙂 I’m guessing we are still living in a state where parts suddenly become unavailable – Covid – whatever…



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