A Better Day

BlynkA better day today. After switching my WIFI to a separate access point, up to now the WIFI is holding – I’m not convinced but for now all seems well. That has allowed me to spend a little more time with Blynk – and after chatting to the Node-Red node designer – and getting an update out of that, I now have Blynk server running on my Raspberry Pi2 – so between that and the Node-Red App I can now control stuff with a decent App – still some way to go with this but it’s starting to look useful.

As you can see in the picture – I have 4 RGB controls (suitably slowed down thank to the excellent Node-Red delay function), temperature and humidity monitoring and a couple of on-off buttons with feedback via LED. All working a treat.

Below you see the Node-Red code driving this – all very simple – the delay function is used to limit the rate of change for RGB and PWM as the App has a tendency to push stuff out very quickly.

Other than that it is all very simple – and when the designers get around to allowing more than one page per project, it’s going to get one hell of a lot more complicated Smile














And with that – an early night I think.


2 thoughts on “A Better Day

  1. Looking good. Just wanted to mention that for android the multiple running projects feture is already out and the blynk node red contrib will allow you to set multiple tokens/connections.
    in essence, you can use separate projects as separate pages and node red bring everything together.

    1. Yup, already onto that. Multiple pages per project would be good – OR a much smaller RGB widget. It’s lovely but it just takes up too much valuable screen space – and along with other widgets such as the switch, there seems to be no way to SET the position in other words when you power up the project the assumption is that everything is turned off – in reality you need to set the button colour (lit up or not) depending on the state of the output – and the ZERGBRA position depending on the current output setting. You can’t seem to do that which is a big issue.

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