A little aside

40 ESP-01 Boards

Some testing of 40 ESP-01 processors – all sending MQTT data data back to a database, powered by a 20 amp power supply.

Just two more of the same to go.

Of interest to those struggling with ESP-01 – I normally have a 3v3 supply on board but this time they are just on their own – so I was using the 3v3 output of an FTDI to power them and I had to have the odd retry at programming – something that normally NEVER happens. All my leads are short and properly formed so I’m hazarding a guess while the USB is able to supply enough current (at 5v) the chip on the FTDI is SLIGHTLY under-powered when delivering 3v3 to the ESPs.   Next batch I’ll put a large cap across the power. Having said that out of 40 flashing attempts I think I only had to retry 4 of them.

All working a treat and looking distinctly spiffy as the 40 blue comms lights flash – sometimes in sequence, sometimes out of sequence.