A Short Piece About Webmin

When referring to “the script” which installs Node-Red, Mosquitto, SQLite and a host of utilities onto Raspberry Pi and other boards and forms the basis of all of my installs, I rarely mention Webmin, as it is just part of the furniture… however this morning I noted that my test Pi Node-Red BigTimer was failing to turn an output on. At 7:50am I’d set a timer for 7:45am going off at 8am and it reported at 7:55am that it would not be turning on for around 50 minutes.


The confusion lasted all of a minute or two before I pulled out a browser and, consulting my notes (which reminded me that Webmin uses port 10000), I realised the timezone on the PI was set incorrectly.

I checked Webmin and time sync to NTP server was NOT set, however it seems the PI DOES sync as the time was spot on apart from being out by exactly an hour. I checked the time zone which was set to UTC/etc, whatever that is. After resetting to  Europe/London in Webmin (via the Webmin web interface on port 10000), the time is now 100% spot on.

I hope this is of use to anyone with a similar issue.\


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