I’ve been waiting for this intelligent charger for a while..  a 4-battery charger with button-programmable individual charge of 0.5a, 1a and 2a per battery. But what makes this one a little special is this: it handles Ni-CD, NI-MH, LifePO4 and Li-Ion batteries of varying sizes. In short it’s a winner. Power supply is included in a separate unit. Total output is 6 amps. The unit also has a USB output 5v at 2.1 amps. Lovely.

Here is the ADEASKA SQ4 Intelligent LCD Display USB Battery Charger –

Adeaska charger

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5 thoughts on “ADEASKA SQ4 LCD Charger

  1. Fast intelligent charger. All types, sizes of rechargeable batteries. Good read out display. Has a fan that makes a bit of noise but no big deal. Can’t make sense of the resistance readouts; the ohm readings are completely arbitrary, but they are irrelevant to my use.

  2. Mine blew up within a minute. The power supply gave a flash and stopped working.

    1. Oh dear. Well, mine is still working. Without knowing your circumstances, can’t comment further.

  3. Err,, battery chargers that have a load test are perhaps a bit more useful.
    The great majority of chinese batterys have hilarious overstated capacity,
    Usually japaneses and korean batterys have more accurate specs.
    I don’t mind 10% error, but seldom is the capacity understated
    I am very happy with my opus 3100

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