I’ve been waiting for this intelligent charger for a while..  a 4-battery charger with button-programmable individual charge of 0.5a, 1a and 2a per battery. But what makes this one a little special is this: it handles Ni-CD, NI-MH, LifePO4 and Li-Ion batteries of varying sizes. In short it’s a winner. Power supply is included in a separate unit. Total output is 6 amps. The unit also has a USB output 5v at 2.1 amps. Lovely.

Here is the ADEASKA SQ4 Intelligent LCD Display USB Battery Charger –

Adeaska charger

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5 thoughts on “ADEASKA SQ4 LCD Charger

  1. Err,, battery chargers that have a load test are perhaps a bit more useful.
    The great majority of chinese batterys have hilarious overstated capacity,
    Usually japaneses and korean batterys have more accurate specs.
    I don’t mind 10% error, but seldom is the capacity understated
    I am very happy with my opus 3100

  2. Mine blew up within a minute. The power supply gave a flash and stopped working.

    1. Oh dear. Well, mine is still working. Without knowing your circumstances, can’t comment further.

  3. Fast intelligent charger. All types, sizes of rechargeable batteries. Good read out display. Has a fan that makes a bit of noise but no big deal. Can’t make sense of the resistance readouts; the ohm readings are completely arbitrary, but they are irrelevant to my use.

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