Alfawise H6S 14v8 Vacuum – A Christmas Story

It had to happen – I was all set to write about something different for Christmas – a little while ago I ordered a small, neat cordless vacuum (house/car) from Gearbest – mainly as I was working on my heating system and router here in the UK, one in a ceiling height kitchen cupboard, the other in the loft (200 year old house so you can imagine the state of the loft).

As many of you know I spend my summers in Spain and winters in the UK… the plan was to have a small vacuum I could lug up the stairs into the loft without breaking my neck to clean the place as I went along (I HATE getting covered in cobwebs). I WILL do a little writeup on this in the not-too-distant future, however, I screwed up and didn’t update Gearbest with my change of address to the UK for the winter.

Oh, check out the video – in the link below for Gearbest. I think someone needs to work on their English.. “Round nozzle for cleaning big dirty thing”. One could have a field day with that statement but as this is a family channel, I won’t 🙂

Thankfully one of my friends back in Spain sent me a Facebook message to say that there was a parcel for me in the “florist near Dia” (grocery store) in the next town (Huescar in Southern Spain) according to a pal of hers. Not only did I fail to give Gearbest the right info – but DHL (never ones to worry unduly about getting things right) were ready to hand it over to anyone called Peter. My friend’s friend’s son was in the store and they said there was a package for Peter. Thankfully he spotted the surname and put them right. Subsequently my next door neighbour picked up the parcel for me (with a copy of my passport). At £30 all in for the unit, it isn’t worth shipping from Spain to the UK when I’ll be back there soon. The cobwebs won’t mind the delay. What I CAN tell you is that the unit has a large battery and a washable HEPA filter.

Anyway, this is NOT a review, I’ll do that when I’ve given it a hammering in April. My neighbour reports that it lights up nicely and was well packed and that’s about all I can tell you for now. Here’s the link: Alfawise Vacuum Cleaner from Gearbest. It is in with a good chance of being a winner as other Alfawise products I’ve had from Gearbest have been good including the really neat IP camera I blogged about some time ago which is in daily use in my office.

For now, I hope all of you have a great Christmas.. I’m not done for the year but I thought I’d sneak that in.


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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you so much for all the reviews and technical information. This is always my goto site.

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