Alfawise HD Smart WIFI IP Camera

Upgrading my IP cameras again. I now have a brand spanking new, white Alfawise HD Smart WiFi IP camera from Gearbest and it is lovely (and cheap). It is made from what at least looks like powder-coated, cast aluminium and I have to say, looks quite solid.

Alfawise IP Camera

One of the fastest and easiest setups I’ve had with this type of camera and over the years I’ve tried several different types from the sub-£10 to £100+ many of which have been indoor types yet run externally handling winter weather in Spain without issue, 24-7. My UK cameras are, up to now, run indoors.

Alfawise 1080P HD 2.0MP IP66 Waterproof Wireless Smart WiFi IP Camera for Home Security:

Coupon:QY1B365QX689T Coupon Price: $27.99

The little manual that comes with this model says the camera will initially automatically form a network with your mobile phone (dangerously assuming you have one) in the format IPAM-00xxxxx which wasn’t far off as mine has no leading zeros but other than that it was easy to set up with the Android app CAMHI (I liked the free version so much I bought the Pro version a few weeks ago). A minute later I was up and running. I gave the camera a meaningful name – and changed the admin password from “admin” to something more secure.

Alfawise camera from Gearbest

The rest is all by now pretty standard, the Android CamHi app has an admin area for each camera (currently handling 4 cameras) and in this case I set up the camera (as usual) for HD operation. Many of these cameras claim HD when they have rubbish output, this one is good quality. There is a small screwed on cover underneath the camera and inside you can plug in a microSD card for local storage (recording) if you want that. Also the App give you control over audio levels and source (mic or line input which they call linear input).

So that’s ok I hear you say but what is the output like? In HD mode (why pick anything less unless you have crap WiFi). Ok, here's a shot from my office desk. Doesn’t look like 1920x1080 to me but it’s still pretty sharp even though the lighting is far from perfect..

Alfawise screenshot


7 thoughts on “Alfawise HD Smart WIFI IP Camera

  1. Does it support the standard RTSP video format? Does it have motion detection?

    Speaking of wi-fi cams, I use a couple of Nest Cameras (they are very good, with reliable but expensive monthly service) and several Wyze cameras which are cheap ($26 with shipping for the V2 (fixed lens) and about $36 for the pan and tilt model.

    So far my experience with Wyze has been uneven. They have rolled out many firmware and application updates as they chase bugs and new features.

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