Alfawise T9 Bracelet

tmpFC92To give it the full title, this entry is about the Alfawise T9 Body Fat Fitness Tracker (or Smart Bracelet). With a 0.96 inch screen, the T9 uses an App (Android or IOS) called Gloryfit (I use the Android version from the Playstore).

The bracelet uses an NRF52832 CPU and offers Body fat, Heart rate monitor, Sleep monitor, Pedometer, Multi-sport mode, notifications, camera remote, find-the-phone, alarm clock and much more.

The bracelet came from Gearbest and has detachable strap and comes with USB charger which works in any USB port. Note the readout (fat, water, protein) as well as time.

The bracelet/watch arrived completely flat and so I stuck it on charge for an hour.  So now, it is around 75% charged and I can give it a test. Here (above) it is on my wrist.

tmpE95FThe bracelet is suitable for both male and female use and comes complete with charger in a nice white box with instructions in both Chinese and English.

You have a limited choice of faces, both analog and digital. The unit took my pulse as do almost all of this class of bracelet, but also it took blood pressure and the result was only a few percent different to the results I got with my “proper” testing kit (which also produces variations from reading to reading of a comparable order). The body fat test requires you to press the metal sensors on both the top and bottom of the bracelet at the same time. As I got the same reading every time I did this, I’m not sure if the unit is very accurate or totally ignoring me, but it looks good.

Steps (and distance covered) look fairly accurate if a little optimistic.

There is (importantly) a brightness controls with this bracelet and it looks like it should be visible in all but the fiercest sunlight. Not entirely sure how the watch differentiates between running, playing tennis, badminton, riding, skipping, ping pong and swimming but it SAYS it handles all of these.

Claimed standby time is 10 days. This came from the no-longer-in-operation Gearbest.