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Boy, did I just have trouble putting AWS Polly (text to speech) on a new Raspberry Pi 3… I copied the config from an older machine – big mistake. So then I erased the config files and used “aws configure” to set the default region, AWS key etc. This time it didn’t like my “region” – and that’s because the description on the AWS site is rubbish.. “EU (London)” is not a valid region. I checked what some Americans had done “us-west-1” for example. Amazon gives such examples consistently do the US but then refers to “EU (London)” which is not valid.

Finally I just put in one of the USA regions and all is well. This REALLY needs all putting on one page with EXACT examples for all regions.

See earlier blog entry for POLLY setup. This replaces IVONA text to speech for (in my case) Node-Red.


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  1. For those with a mac on their network, it might be good to set up an http server on it, a cgi page on that, and then shell out to the “say” command, compress the result, and send it back. It would keep the transaction within your home network, and to my ear, the voice quality is better.

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