And now – the Holidays – and an Elegoo Resin mention

Elegoo water-washable Ceramic Grey Photopolymer Resin (they've even spelled GREY correctly :-) )

Some time ago, Elegoo offered to send me some of their 3D Resin printer resin.

Thanks to various delays I was expecting this to arrive on my return from holiday in August – but it just turned up so I’ll just briefly mention this – obviously can’t test it as I’m about go head off for a plane to the UK.

I really wish I had time to give this a try – but it’ll have to wait. The 1 litre container is full of water-washable ceramic-grey resin – and came with a brush.

I will say that I’ve used their clear blue and green water-washable resins without any special settings (I did increase base exposure time by 25% as my first attempts led to items detaching from the base while printing) – I’ve successfully made several gaming figures for my grandson with the above not to mention my favourite – the green Eiffel Tower – mentioned elsewhere in the blog.

I did notice on the box, very clear instructions including the instruction not to DRINK the resin – it did occur to me that if someone is daft enough to drink printer resin then maybe they should not be left in charge of a 3D resin printer?

They also mention wearing gloves and a mask – sound advice, far be it for me to say anything but (and of course we’re all different) I’ve yet to suffer damage through careful handling of water-washable resin and of course this stuff doesn’t smell as bad as non-water-washable – but if you’re sensitive to such things (or not sure) – keeping an open window could be a good thing as long as that doesn’t bring strong sunlight into the room (the resin is UV-sensitive – that’s how the resin sets in the printers).

Elegoo water-washable Ceramic Grey Photopolymer Resin

I do suffer from allergies but I’m pleased to say that after years of using 3D resin printers, resin allergy is not one of them. I’m far more allergic to dry air. On masks – I should say that I do wear varifocal glasses unless I’m sleeping. If you don’t wear glasses and want to use any kind of printer resin then I would suggest suitable precautions.

As soon as I get back from my UK break, I’ll be sure to put this resin to the test -“Ceramic Grey” – not a colour I’ve had before.

Next – a trip to the Spanish coast and from there, a plane to the UK – the plan being to avoid the extremes of Spanish summer weather (July has been mainly HOT as in 40c peak) in the frozen wastes of the Northeast of England. I undertand it will be raining there for at least the coming week.


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