apt-get WHAT?

Raspberry PiIf like me you are a reluctant Linux user, dragged in merely because you want to make use of the new Raspberry Pi 2 in your projects (and I bought mine as a hub for my Arduino/ESP8266 projects) – you’ll be slowly coming to grips with meaningful terms like SUDO and APT-GET. But until this morning I still wasn’t that clear on the various ways of updating packages – there’s apt-get followed by update or upgrade or dist-upgrade, all carefully designed to confuse the pants of beginners.

So I was rather pleased when reader Rob dropped me a note with this link – which describes the various options.


4 thoughts on “apt-get WHAT?

  1. I’m happy to witness that you’re slowly getting in to the literally dark side (i.e. command line) of Linux.

    Hope this cheat-sheet helps:

    One thing you’ll soon realize is that; this apt-get none-sense that seems to be annoying at first will become a second nature before you know it. And the same skill-set will open the doors to all Debian based Linux distro’s. Hang in there, there is light at the end of the tunnel. In the mean time, have fun discovering.


    1. SO very much to learn. Already understand apt-get – I’m getting frustrated with access rights and so SUDO BASH tends to be the first thing I type… Thanks for the cheat sheet (printing out now). I’m struggling with a few items like SCREEN at the moment as I try to get Node-Red to run on power up (done that) but in a way that I can subsequently turn it on and off. (subsequently resolved)


      1. Did you ever find a simple step by step to install node-red. For the life of me, I can’t get it to install on a pi 2 with the latest raspbian…sigh

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