Astrolux VC04 Versatile Charger

Don’t you love it “Astrolux 4-solt Li-ion Battery Charger” – I think we can safely assume that should be “4-slot”. Inside the manual, the company refers to the inputs which are USB-C, micro-USB and “Lighting” – well, as a non-Apple user that kept me going for a minute – they meant “Lightning” connector. Anyway, everything works. The name as supplied by Banggood is “Astrolux® VC04 Micro Type-C 2A Quick Charger“.


There are two onscreen buttons – one to select which battery to monitor and one to select maximum output amperage from 0.5A to 2A. The charger handles everything from AAAA to various Li-ion batteries and you can mix and match – total charge current is 2A and as the unit has no power of it’s own, your USB charger/supply should be able to output 5v (5.2v is good) at 2A. The unit comes complete with two leads – i.e. a USB-C lead and a micro-USB lead.

I like it already – and not to mess about, the VC04 is currently charging a set of Banggood-supplied MECO Li-ion 18650 batteries I mention elsewhere in the blog as my other charger could not handle the slightly increased length of the protected batteries. This one does with room to spare. Clearly it handles larger Li-ion batteries as well.


The link at the top of this article has the full technical details.


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