Audew AX-6601 Handheld Vacuum from Banggood

Ok, not exactly a SMART device but it’s the first thing I’ve had from Banggood this year (UK stock) so I thought I’d give it a quick comment with pics in here – my wife gets quite excited when something arrives which she can use!!

Audew AX-6601 Vacuum and Accessories

The “AUDEW Rechargeable 3500PA Mini Cordless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner for Car and Home” arrived adequately packed – no dents in the packaging. So the point of this gadget is we both get sick of wiring up an extension to the street every time the car needs a quick vacuum (frequently in this weather). The last cordless vaccum (from the now-defunct Gearbest) had about as much suck as… well… virtually none. This one sucks – literally 🙂 The photos cover most of it – the vacuum comes with a washable HEPA filter – but we brought our high power (again from Banggood) air blower back to the UK with us and I use that to clean off just about everything including Robbie – our robot vacuum back in Spain. As long as the filter is dry, blowing to clean it is a “breeze”.

You can see the accessories over on the right, above, complete with UK plug-in-the-wall charger in this case.

The Audew has a single LED – red for charging, geen for fully charged. They claim about 20-30 minutes use for 3-5 hours charge. Motor speed 20000rpm, claimed suction 4.5kPa, noise 70-85dB average. The body is made from ABS and PP.

Disassembly is ridiculously easy. No tools, just pull out the HEPA filter and clean. Accessories simply PUSH on. I like the bag.

Audew AX-6601 vacuum HEPA filter

The manual is in several languages with a grand total of 3 useful sides in English. A quick glance and I was up and running – the unit came pre-charged.

Tomorrow if it’s not raining I’ll clean out the car seats to give the Audew a good hammering. Erm, yes the bag has a good feel to it!!

Audew AX-6601 bag

If you check that link at the top, Banggood have given me a coupon for you (I don’t benefit from it – in dollars for whatever reason) Normal price $31 – coupon price $19.99 – code BGUTEWR expected stock 31/01/2022


3 thoughts on “Audew AX-6601 Handheld Vacuum from Banggood

      1. Actually with that discount code it’s coming in at just over £15, the risk isn’t much so nabbed one anyway, cheers!

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