Bakeey 100W Model X9 8-Port USB PD Charger


Is this Bakeey charger/USB-supply neat or WHAT! I don’t know about you guys but I am CONSTANTLY rinning out of chargers and places to store chargers – I always need MORE power and that means MORE spare power sockets and more bench space.

So, to say that I was excited to get this new Bakeey 100W 8-Port X9 USB PD Charger is an understatement. Six “normal” USB charging points plus one USB-C PD3.0 (Power Delivery) output and a QC3.0 (Quick-Charge) output I can use for my phone. I’ve had most of this in one unit before, but then usually comes the catch – often such units come only with a low-voltage input lead and expect you to find your own supply – usual plug-in-the-wall supplies top out at 3A or less. so you can’t actually make use of more than a couple of outputs at once. With this X9 unit, the supply is internal (mine came with EU power cord) and total claimed capacity is 100W.

So right now as I write this, I’m FAST charging my phone (as indicated on the charger AND my phone) and charging a studio light at the same time – I could do a lot more. Sounds trivial but this is a game-saver for me. After it has had a good thrashing, I could see some of my other chargers ending up in the bin or on Ebay. I could handle one of these on every bench in my office.

I’m NOT doing a video for this because – well, what’s the fun in watching a charger in real time 🙂 but this has already earned a permanent space on my bench – you can tell I’m excited. Between the charger and my new artistic local-market Covid mask (lockdown rules here still let us travel around the same province wearing masks and with some sensible social distancing), it’s been a good day so far.

Doing the math, 5.2v @ 1.1A and 9.1v @ 2A = total 24W – i.e. LOADS of remaining capacity. As well as the above mentioned outputs there is a 10W wireless charger (the grey area on the top) but I don’t have a phone in this part of the building that needs this facility. This spec is a little concerning “Total Output Current: 5V-8A” which comes to 40W, not 100W, but I’m guessing that limit will be raised when using QC or PD charging as each of those can reach (in this particular charger) as high as 12v.

Bakeey X9 charger/power supply

Above, the bottom cord is USB-C attached to my Pocophone which was in urgent need of a charge – if you’re not familiar with Quick-charge, it is a life-saver for those devices which can use it – as is PD (see the connector top-right).

Bakeey X9 charger/power supply

I should take this opportunity to mention that getting decent leads is important, I have several USB leads which simply will not allow Quick-Charge. Strangely, both of the leads you see in the photos above were cheap – the lower, red and black one you see charging my phone came from a Chinese store here in Andalucia a couple of months ago when we were Covid-allowed a trip to the sea front. €3 I think.

And now with my studio light fully charged, I’ve added instead my little Lenovo candle light and Ravpower monster battery while simultaneously continuing to fast charge my phone. I like this. You can see all three are plugged in. I could add more and no doubt soon will.

Bakeey X9 100W charger - charging multiple items at once

The display alternates a bar above each output, flashing to show you which one it is referring to (with each output getting around 3 seconds at a time). Ultimately after a while the display turns off but can be re-activated instantly.

Don’t under-estimate the importance of the 5v2 voltage output. All USB leads have SOME loss and if you only start at 4.9v or 5v, by the time it gets to the gadget you are charging, you may find charging takes longer than expected with most other chargers I’ve come across – and of course with many chargers you can’t tell without a meter and some kind of splitter arrangement what is actually coming out.

The spec includes overheat and overcharge protection and when the display eventually times out, touching the unit brings it back on.

As I was finishing this review, I noted that my Vijim studio light was 100% charged and hence the indicator on the Bakeey had turned off.


3 thoughts on “Bakeey 100W Model X9 8-Port USB PD Charger

  1. Thanks for this, I’ve ordered one, I got the EU version as it was cheaper and I’ll put a UK plug on myself. I’ve already got a Blitzwolwf 6 port one on my desk but this looks even better especially with the wireles charger on top.
    I would be good if they could do a version which shows the total mAh used as well 🙂

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