Bakeey H8 Blood Pressure Diamond Bracelet

Bakeey H8Ok, so it isn’t real diamond, but the Bakeey H8 Blood Pressure Stainless Bracelet does a good job of looking the part for an inexpensive band.

My wife has a nice Mi3 watch – good battery life but a tad boring and like most of these cheap bands, it is plastic, no two ways about it.

Time for something different then.  Shipped from various countries, in my case as the cost was lower I had it shipped from China but delivery was still pretty good.

There are several models, they do black, bright silver or gold(ish). I went for the rose gold look in this case. It REALLY does look different to the other bands. I’m putting this up now as I think Banggood’s promotional sale ends August 4th.

We’re looking at heart rate, blood pressure, sport mode, turn light, alarm, sedentary reminder, sports, sleep, pedometer, anti-lost (whatever that means), find band and camera trigger.

Bakeey H8Like most of this kind of watch/bracelet, the reminders are not the most popular in the west: QQ and WeChat, I’d rather have Facebook and other popular system alerts and reminders along with Skype but then I have them on my phone so no big deal. The key thing about this bracelet is that it will appeal to the ladies who are not into plastic. If you want more info (and there is lots of it) check out the website in the link at the end.

The WearHealth App that you use with it (IOS or Android – QR code link in the manual) is fine and was DEAD easy to set up. I’ve set my daily steps expectation to 6,000 (because I’m not masochistic) and sleep target to 8 hours. More on this once I’ve handed it over to my good lady to hammer.

Charging cradleThe band can do continuous HR, there is an option for “lift to brighten screen”, call reminder and more. Measurements can be in metric or imperial. I have rather large wrists and I’m male so I’ll come back with more once I’ve handed it over to the boss. It is after all meant for women but I had to have a play first.

USB charging is easy – the band comes complete with cradle…


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  1. Last year, August that I wrote about the watch, since then I bought the Samsung Galaxy and the bracelet end up as a present so I don’t have it to comment further.


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