Bakeey i5S Smart Mobile Watch

My latest acquisition must surely class as (physically) the mother of all watches, so much that I’ve put together a short support video to go with this blog entry:

Bakeey i5S Watch

This is a watch, phone, sport watch and more. Not for everyone as it is LARGE, but it works for me.

The Bakeey i5S is a fairly large rectangular watch with a host of features including phone (you need a SIM for this feature) and the usual modern sport watch features as well as Bluetooth connectivity. No pulse monitoring, sadly. The strap is silicone and not detachable from the case, but the watch module itself is readily removed from the case for charging or whatever other purposes.

Bakeey i5S Watch

The watch features an MTK2502C processor, size is 58×39.3×11,5mm, weight 44g, Bluetooth 4.0, 500mAH battery.

There is an App for IOS and Android called HiWatch – and you can get the link for the App by scanning an image from the supplied booklet on your phone. For me, I grabbed the APP but it refused to load on my Pocophone F1 so that needs resolving.

General features include: “Anti-Lost” – a phrase most Chinese manufacturers tend to use for reasons beyond me, Remote Cameras, Clock, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, Profile Manager, File Manager, Audio Player, Video Player, Sound Recorder and more.

Charging is simple with a standard microUSB cable…

Bakeey i5S Watch

And here are the links:

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3 thoughts on “Bakeey i5S Smart Mobile Watch

  1. Yes, I’m really pleased with my new DM99. I’ve only had it about 6 hours and I’ve already writen my first Basic4Android app!

    The screen’s big enough at 2.2 inches to be usable, yet the whole thing isn’t too clunky. I did think of getting the Lempo LEMT but all of the reviews said that it was a bit too big on the wrist.

    The battery so far seems to be good (122mA-hrs I think). I’ve been messing with it for hours and it’s still at 75% charge

    Very happy with it.

  2. Well, that Bakeey I5S watch seemed great at the time but ultimately turned out to be limited because of lack of “Dick Tracy” camera (I’m assuming the Dick Tracy watch had a camera but that’s a long time ago). I understand that BRAINS on Thunderbirds had a similar watch.

    Interested viewers may like to hear this comment about my friend Aidan who helped me develop some of the projects in here (hit the SEARCH button in the blog and look for NEXTION – you’ll find a week’s worth of reading matter)…he’s just been on Skype to show off his new watch – the LEMFO DM99 – often referred to as just the DM99). He has it running from an access point in the garden and is developing “BASIC for ANDROID” apps on it. He has also written a SKY remote control APP for his own own purposes.

    The DM99 seems to work well, though I can’t vouch for it personally, In the UK he picked it up for £79 (£69 from Hong Kong if you prefer to wait). Mixed comments on this video with some concerns about syncing to a Samsung S9+? I’m currently looking at the (more expensive) Lemfo Lem T. More on that at a later date.

  3. i already can’t tolerate the knob of a chronograf as it causes pain in my back hand when i bend my wrist, sure that will be way worse… it has to be seen how much those apps are usable on such a tiny display…

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