Bakeey M30 Smart Watch

Here’s my latest acquisition, the Bakeey M30 IP67 Smart Watch.. this one is dirt cheap – but more importantly, it looks nice and WORKS A TREAT – in the short time I’ve been using it, the M30 is already my favourite inexpensive sports watch.

M30 Smart Watch

Bakeey M30 IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch --

What makes this different to others? Well, given pricing, some have terrible charging facilities or poor battery life or limited features. Battery life is looking ok already - 48 hours in and still sitting at 60%+

Up to now the M30 is scoring well. The plastic strap is good but could (and will be) improved – I’ve just ordered a leather one this morning.  Limited watch faces but what you get looks good. My current guess is that the battery is good for several days based on 48 hours of use. Feature wise – the free “WearFit” app in the PlayStore is easy to use, pairing happened without me doing anything and the app is already logging my sleep. I’ve tested heart beat, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, I've used “shake to take a picture” on my Android phone – and more, all worked easily and smoothly.

Probably too big for a slim female but looks just fine on my arm.

The watch body COULD pass for matt-black coated metal and has a standard fitting for a 19mm strap, handy if you fancy a strap change.

And real photos of my wrist – what more could you want… I guess I should show this nifty bracelet all boxed up (the box is nice), but sorry, it’s staying on my wrist. The “manual” that comes with this gadget is adequate, in English on one side, Chinese on the other and apart from telling you about the App, is not really needed. You get a USB charging lead with magnetic clamp in the box. Used it once when the watch arrived in the post from China.

M30 watch

The M30 Box


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