Bakeey M30 Smart Watch

Update May 2019: The Bakeey M30 IP67 Smart Watch is a nice watch – BUT unreadable in bright Spanish sunlight.. this watch is cheap but importantly, it looks nice and WORKS A TREAT – in the months I’ve been using it, the M30 is already my favourite inexpensive sports watch, unless of course it is sunny.

M30 Smart Watch

Bakeey M30 IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch —

What makes this different to others? Well, given pricing, some have terrible charging facilities or poor battery life or limited features. Battery life is very good compared to other smart-watches I’ve tested… at the time of writing, I charged this watch back in the UK a week ago and the battery is currently sitting at around 80% – compare that with the (granted – technically superior) Apple watch. One annoyance: when cycling modes I can’t find a shortcut to get back to simply showing the time.

Up to now the M30 is scoring well. The plastic strap is good but could (and will be) improved – I ordered a leather one but when it turned up it was a couple of mm too narrow – I had no idea there were so many variations available.  Limited watch faces but what you get looks good. Feature wise – the free “WearFit” app in the PlayStore is easy to use, pairing happened without me doing anything and the app logs my sleep. I’ve tested heart beat, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, I’ve used “shake to take a picture” on my Android phone – and more, all worked easily and smoothly.

Update March 2019: I still go to this watch from time to time – My Samsung Gear 2 Classic, lovely as it is, barely lasts 2 days on a charge now so I swap around. if not used for some weeks, the time on the M30 wanders off (I wonder why) and you need to sync with your phone, but this is a no-brainer, simply run the “Wearfit” app while the watch is nearby, no button pressing and you’re back in sync. Mind you, when I tried to add the watch to my Chinese tablet running the same app, either the M30 didn’t show up or it did with an unrecognisable name.

Probably too big for a slim female but looks just fine on my arm.

The watch body COULD pass for matt-black coated metal and has a standard fitting for a 19mm strap, handy if you fancy a strap change.

And real photos of my wrist – what more could you want… I guess I should show this nifty bracelet all boxed up (the box is nice), but sorry, it’s staying on my wrist. The “manual” that comes with this gadget is adequate, in English on one side, Chinese on the other and apart from telling you about the App, is not really needed. You get a USB charging lead with magnetic clamp in the box. Used it once when the watch arrived in the post from China.

M30 watch

The M30 Box


12 thoughts on “Bakeey M30 Smart Watch

    1. You ned the “WEARFIT” app as I discussed on the blog – from the Android Playstore. If you use an iPhone, please don’t ask as I don’t use Apple personally (been there, done that).

  1. >unreadable in bright Spanish sunlight

    This is a common problem with a lot of cheaper smart watches. In order to make it so cheap they have to cut corners on the screen quality. Not a big deal if you’re only using it indoors though 🙂

    1. True, however most of these watches have “sports” features. A bit limiting if you can only use them for indoor sports 🙂

  2. I ordered one last month but arrived with a faulty screen. All credit to Banggood for a quick refund once I’d provided them with video evidence. Never did get to see if the watch was actually any good though.

    1. Well, my view for what it is worth, the watch has AVERAGE charge life, nothing special. It is NOT that good in bright sunlight, but in other lighting, it is fine and the display and general finish are very good. I’d have preferred a better strap, but then it is hard to know which way to turn… metal straps look great but the cheap ones tarnish quickly. The flexible strap with the M30 still looks nice after weeks of use.

      Being able to get a fuss-free refund or repair is very important – sadly more and more companies go out of their way to distance themselves from customers. I’m glad Banggood sorted your refund efficiently, Andy.

  3. > the time on the M30 wanders off
    Yours is a lot better than mine,, 1min/day slow
    Also, the app cuts phone run time in half, I always kill it
    after syncing time

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