Bakeey NY01 HR Monitor Smart Watch

The Bakeey NY01 HR Monitor Smart Watch is looking good up to now – nice, solid looking, big display, single real touch button on the side so no fingerprints on the screen.

Bakeey NY01

1.3” display, matt black, 3 decent main time displays with calendar and other info all in one place, magnetic USB, glass screen protector (which I fitted complete with bubbles, sadly). NICE full size display.

The app is the same WearFit App as I used for the Bakeey M30 watch which I have to say seems the better of the two depending on your needs. In order to use the NY01 with the app I had to disconnect the M30.

As is not uncommon, you can use the watch to remote access your phone camera just by shaking, it has what is referred to rather badly on may of these ads as anti-lost, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring but as far as I could tell, no oxygen level or blood pressure testing.

Magnetic contact USB charging

The strap is easily replaced and there’s a high capacity 230maH battery,

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