Bakeey T90 Bluetooth Earbuds Smart Watch Update

Bakeey T90 Watch with Earbuds

This is new – a smartband with built-in Bluetooth earbuds – WELL, THAT’s handy for travelling. This entry is about the Bakeey T90 Wireless Earbuds Smart Watch.

I went out on a limb with this one – never seen anything quite like it but as the T90 was “different” – I simply had to have one.

Setup was particularly ease, partly because I already had the DA FIT app installed on my Android phone. You have a choice of 3 watch faces and a whole host of features including pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen, weather and more – but the BIG feature is the inclusion of Bluetooth ear buds complete with spare rubber pads (well, it would be if they worked).

T90 Smart Watch with Bluetooth earbuds

Pairing the T90 itself to the phone app took one button press… easy – but I wondered how hard it would be to set up the earbuds (which of course charge when plugged into the smartband and hence are always ready to use). I left the buds plugged into the T90 and watched them appear on my phone.

How well all of that works? I’ve given T90 a good charge complete with earbuds. Installation was simple – sound quality on my Pocophone F1 which works just fine with the Xiaomi Mi earbuds, is not so good with the T90 earbuds and the latter suffer dropouts as well as having a dull top end (high frequency). With a Galaxy Tab S2 tablet, the buds will only connect as an input device, not as earbuds. My Xiaomi Redmi Airdots on the other hand run perfectly.

Then I tried an iPhone X, the iPhone said the buds were “connected” but the sound continued to come out of the iPhone itself, not the buds. This iPhone also normally works perfectly.

Update November 2020

I just checked – no firmware updates for the T90 – let’s check the earbuds (pretty much the main feature of the smartband). 60% charge for the main band, just charged so it’s a fair bet the buds are charged – no excuse for not working then.

Here goes: 2 beeps on my phone – they sound connected. Voice says “pairing mode” Phone says “T90 connected”. Right, time for a YouTube test. My phone and earbuds usually work perfectly. Erm, but the sound is coming out of my phone, not the buds….. then I noted T90-L – “pairing mode” – then the buds themselves said “connected”. YouTube again. 5 minutes into Trump’s last gasps on “Last Week Tonight” – I was getting regular dropouts. And then, all was well, for a minute, before the sound started breaking up again.

I plugged in my (not specially charged) Heylou GT1 buds and watched the rest of the John Oliver show – perfect. Flawless. While that was happening I continued to charge the T90 – ensuring that the buds were correctly oriented and charging. I plugged the T90s into my ears and sure enough, the phone knew it was connected to them – yes “T90-L – Connected – Battery 90% – Active”. T90s also said “connected”. YouTube volume UP. Nothing – no sound.

Verdict? The band is fine – pretty even – but sadly the T90 buds – very nice idea, very neat – don’t work – bin.


2 thoughts on “Bakeey T90 Bluetooth Earbuds Smart Watch Update

  1. What’s the chip inside? Da fit in most, but not all cases mean nordic. If nordic perhaps somebody as Aaron atc1441could hack it for custom firmware?

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