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  1. Thank you for suggestion.I bought ESP32 dev board for 3.45€ and sonoff plug for 4.89 €.
    Just disappointed because after I ordered I found 1 euro more in free shipping an both the item went to backorder status. I’m not in hurry but it is a common way to act by bangood?
    Also I cannot find a way to communicate with the dealer… Aliexpress seems a little more well designed for it.

    1. most of the stuff in on restock on october 1, they had lots of requests… i received 2 email asking if i wanted to wait, refund or exchange with other stuff… i exchanged 1 basic sonoff for a touch one, and an other for 5 waterproof boxes, both double the value of what i paid… they’re serious in business… and for support, just answer to the email you received, that’s how they do…

        1. i scaled both versions till the esp32 chip was exactly same size, then i put the black one on top of the red one, to evaluate the differences… and put 2 more reds on the sides, trying to align most of the pins… as you see, the red ones have 10 more pins than the black ones, 5 per side…

          1. Have ordered 7 esp32 🙂 but it might be a sell off before they start selling the nes esp32 Pico core

    1. So on the front of the Gearbest Ad, Nano 3.0 Atmega board – for 83 cents (Euro) with coupon. So I clicked – and the price went up to the much higher 2.98 – twice the price of AliExpress. I applied the promotional code and that meant registering. I did that and applied the coupon again and sure enough – 0.83

  2. I Couldn’t resist the ESP32 for £3.21. Thanks for the link. I’m going to put micro python on it and run a thermometer alarm for the freezer in the garage.

    1. Well, it’s ok, but the first unit I tested it on – a dual doorbell – well known brand – it could not see.

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