Blitzwolf BW-CMM2 Espresso Maker

The first of two household gadgets I’ve received this week – an Espresso-maker is not the kind of thing I normally write about (and to be fair there’s not much you can say about a coffee maker to the general public – though I have been reading up on the intricacies of Espresso coffee on YouTube) but I like Blitzwolf products, I don’t think I’ve had anything from them yet that is duff. My wife is a recently retired food technology teacher so this is more her thing – I just like drinking coffee.

Anyway, below is a short video we took and I put together when the arrived. The machine is claimed to produced up to 20 bar pressure (WELL above that needed to make traditional Espresso) and certainly makes a rich crema for the cup of coffee. The built-in steamer is easy and efficient to use and clean. The unit has an easy-to-read display and an easy-to-use manual (in several languages).

Coffee is one of those things most of us think little about yet drink every day – I do – often at local cafes, maybe 4-5 times a week. I guess marketing people would say that this machine instantly turns you into a latte-making Barista 🙂 and, as a bonus, it can also be used to make a frothy and creamy hot chocolate.

Other things Maureen likes about this device – it comes apart easily for cleaning and turns off automatically after 25 minutes. What she was not so keen on – the unit does not have the ability to use a pod – and the amount of coffee made automatically in single and double cupmodes is a tad small so she used the manual setting – but that’s down to personal preference.

UK viewers should be aware that at the time of writing, the link I’ve provided to the coffee machine may suggest that the product is not currently available in the UK. As soon as I get an updated link I will amend.

April 21, 2020 – still no stock it seems… oh dear….


4 thoughts on “Blitzwolf BW-CMM2 Espresso Maker

  1. Short feedback: Ordered on Thursday, got it on Saturday. Impressive. (Non-Brexit country.)
    Unit is quite light (3 kg net) as expected for 77 €. Lots of shiny black plastic, thin aluminium and a very transparent large water tank. I still have fun letting people guess its price. Usual guesses are around 300 € – until they operate the ‘touch’ screen. I still have to find out what triggers it. Not my fingers. But we get along somehow.
    The crema is great and it is hard to hear the pump at all (in a workshop).
    Overall I am impressed by the value for the money – if it works for more than 6 months.

    1. Glad to hear it. I’m always worried in case I get enthusiastic about something that turns out to be duff….(I did that with the little Chuwi cube computer – it’s ok but support from the company is less than stellar).

  2. Pete, this is no fun. I just strolled over to your site to check whats new in electronic gadgets – and had to order an Espresso machine. (Btw BGBWCM1BS3 drops about 20%.)
    What is next? A washing machine? 😉

    1. Thanks for the feedback Chris. No, no washing machines. I do have to write up another domestic gadget, probably over the weekend – an oil-free air fryer. Again, not my usual stuff but then I do like chips (fries) so that should be fun – and I get to be Video Editor and key Grip while Maureen does the reviewing:-)

      Meanwhile I thoroughly expect to talk about a new Pocophone M3 as I’m expecting one turning up today – more my normal “cup of tea”… and I want to do a little more updating on that TTGO board I spoke about earlier in the week once I find my wayward FTDI to flash Tasmota onto it.

      I’ve just been emailing Banggood and others as UK prices and availability continue to be slightly out of the norm. The Poco M3 phone as an example, from Banggood is apparently out of stock in the UK but available in Spain at maybe €100 – more on that when the phone arrives. I’ve also noticed that the number of postage-free items on AliExpress has changed, not so much in Europe but in the UK some charges seem to have gone up (all good reasons for me NOT to include pricing in the blog as I’m likely to get it wrong 🙂 )

      Gadgets – I do have some – I have a new SLA 3D printer and a new laser engraver – but I need to clear some room before opening these up…. all will end up on the blog soon. Sorry you had to buy an Espresso machine (life can be tough).


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