Blitzwolf BW-GC8 Gaming Chair with RGB Lighting

Blitzwold BW-GC8 Gaming Chair from Banggood
BW-GC8 Gaming Chair

This Blitzwolf BW-GC8 gaming chair from Banggood is a far cry from the first chair I reviewed, the BW-GC1. Opening the box it was immediately obvious that this chair was taller (I was not going to need the supplied headrest) and generally the chair looked upmarket – but it was not until I’d finished construction that the BW-GC8 came into it’s “true colours” as you will see below. I’m in love with it.

On the right you see the finished chair – up and running – complete with RF pocket remote control which provides a range of colours including static white or nothing at all. Rather than go through the entire spec, I refer you to the link above though I’m not convinced about the “Ultra-large tilt allows you to lie down for a rest and intimate rocking function provides more relaxed and snug sitting” part of the description. I can certainly adjust the heigh up and down but as for lying back, I’m still working on that.

The chair lighting runs off USB and has a pocket in the back, so I dropped in a USB battery pack I had lying around. There is a lumbar support, but this has no fastenings so I eventually took the lumbar support from the BW-GC1. The chair also comes complete with a headrest but I found I did not need that as the chair is high enough to support my head, the top of which is only maybe 50mm above the top of the chair (I am 183cm tall).

As you will see in the photos below, the chair comes well packed and construction is straight-forward. Only one tool is needed – an Allen key – and this is provided. One hour later and I was up and running (the lighting remote control came with battery).

Sadly what no-one else seems to have covered – what happens if the remote stops working? I’ve changed the battery and the red light comes on in the control but it isn’t doing anything and there seems to be no information out there on the subject, just mindless “wonderful chair” ads couched as reviews. I can find no information on the remote at all and the chair is in auto mode, cycling through the various colour modes – nice but I prefer simple rainbow.

BW-GC8 Gaming Chair
BW-GC8 Gaming Chair
BW-GC8 Gaming Chair

No surprises. The box was quite heavy but the individual parts are not that bad so I could assemble this by myself no problem. The manual is detailed which makes life easy. The arms, incidentally are each held with a total of 4 bolts and are flexible for getting in and out of the chair. I don’t have a lot of time these days for gaming but I’m quite happy to program and work on the blog in this seat.


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