Blitzwolf BW-GS3 Stereo Sound Bar + RGB

It’s a bit sad when I get excited mainly because something turns up quickly – but recently Amazon has been either out of stock of things I want, or delayed and/or more expensive than normal… and of course, AliExpress goods have recently been on unfeasibly long lead times to the UK – not much use for travellers. This morning then, a new Sound Bar arrived from Banggood – their UK distribution point, a mere 3 days after the order was placed. Nice. Link etc. at the bottom.

No Bluetooth here and for my purposes that’s fine.

Blitzwolf BW-GS3 Sound Bar from Banggood

Simple and cheap, fixed colours or slowly sequencing.

The sound output is stereo. Size is 779*66*51mm high – this will fit nicely under my LG PC monitor. There’s a microphone input (far better than having it on the front of my PC which sites way at the back of my desk) and a headphone/buds output together with selection switch. The unit has a simple combined on/off/volume/light control – a short press changes light modes and a long-press turns the unit on and off. NO bass/treble control but I can do that back in the PC mixer anyway.

And that’s it – nice-looking gadget, solid feel, aluminium, quality finish. And now – the sound- it’s FINE. Bit of common sense here, it’s never going to sound like room-size bass speakers, but my hearing could be better and yet it can play slightly too loud for me without distortion… I like it.

And here (without prejudice) is the correct link and coupon info from Banggood. Assuming that coupon data is accurate – thats a good price IMHO.

BlitzWolf® BW-GS3 Computer Game Speaker 2.0 Channel Powerful Bass 360° Stereo Sound RGB Light USB Power & 3.5mm Audio & Microphone Plug

Normal Price: $55.99 (£41.26)
Coupon Price: $23.99 (£17.68)
Code: BG1906da
Warehouse: UK
EXP: 3.31


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