Blitzwolf BW-HL2 Smart Watch


If like me, you are aware of Blitwolf (actually the name often takes me back to “Wolfensten”) you will probably think of battery packs or even WIFI-controlled power sockets or adaptors…. but here we have a .

A classy looking job with “leather” look strap, default classical-looking analog watchface and a host of nice features including but not limited to:

  • Blood oxygen monitor
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Continuous heart rate monitor
  • Sleep tracking
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Waterproof to IP68
  • 5-7 days working time
  • 1.3 inch colour touch screen
  • Multi sports modes
  • Step counting, calories and stopwatch

The reason I said “not limited to” is because you can read the full spec and get lots more info on the link I provided (Banggood) or even Blitzwolf’s own site – it’s all there. So the point of this watch is? Well, i is’ not going to blow away the mighty Samsung Gear, but then again the BW-HL2 is only £28 (36 dollars) or thereabouts. Horses for courses. And I’ll just interject here – yes, it does look good – the strap is nice, the case looks solid and it all comes in a very nice box. My only gripe so far is that there are 5 watch faces available – all built-in and all very nice. A shame most of these manufacturers could not use Xiaomi and Samsung as references when designing their watches – there is no reason to have a fixed number of faces (with some camera artifacts, sorry about that).

However, the faces that come with this watch are not bad at all – you can switch between them with a long-press on the home screen on the watch. In the top photo you can see the default face.


Here are just two of several screens above and below. The APP for this watch is called FitCloudPro and is of course freely available on the Android and Apple Play Stores.


Checking pulse rate is easy – I was a little confused however, having tested my pulse on the watch and having SYNC’d the watch and app, that initially the app did not seem to be aware of the results – however, on closing and re-opening the app, my 66bpm result appeared, no problem. Next, blood pressure (104/78) which seemed a little low, then blood oxygen came to 96% which seemed reasonable. I dare not say how many steps I’ve not done today.

The charge lead that comes with the BW-HL2 needs a USB supply (or wall/car/plane socket) to function. As well as the Banggood link I provided at the top of this artcle – you muight want to check Blitzwolf’s own site for tech details.


8 thoughts on “Blitzwolf BW-HL2 Smart Watch

  1. It’s possible to install more watch faces by unlocking the unknown sources function???

    1. It looks leathery on the outside but the inside is clearly some kind of synthetic. I’ve had umpteen real leather straps that look great but crease badly after a while so I’m not sure which I prefer.

  2. If it had GPS then I’d buy one to track my offroad cycle rides.
    As it is my Amazfit Stratos is doing that job admirably.

    Cracking price for a smartwatch though!

    1. Well Andy – at that end it’s a competitive market – I’ve more watches soon. This is unlike the near-top-end of the smartwatch market where IMHO the Samsung Gslsxy takes some beating. If only the latter did lood sugae and blood pressure – but it DOES have thousands of watch-faces… at THIS price range there are lots of models out there. I like the Blitzwolf as much because I kind of trust the brand name, shame about lack of faces. Of course, others will say faces are unimportant. Each to their own – and the BW-HL2 does have some nice features.

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