Blitzwolf Gaming Chairs from Banggood

Blitzwolf  BW-GC1 Gaming Chair from Banggood

The Blitzwolf BW-GC1 gaming chair looks solidly built (see end) and coloured black and a light blue, very comfortable once assembled, though I do wish my 67 year-old legs had been a few years younger when doing the assembly which took no more than half an hour or so, most of it on my knees.

In fact, the most tedious part of the job was getting the packaging off and stored away to avoid domestic problems.

I needed scissors to remove the packaging but other than that, no tools were needed to assemble the chair as an ALLEN tool with built-in screwdriver was provided along with a manual which in English boiled down to 3 sides of simple instruction.

As the construction is a very visual thing, I’ve created and embedded a short video for this blog entry.

This entry will soon be expanded as my second chair, the Blitzwolf BW-GC8 RGB gaming chair arrives and gets assembled, maybe later in the month. I’ll then compare the two and let you know what I think.

Meanwhile, this was a lot easier than I was expecting to put together and I send off my old (ripped) pleather office chair to the scrapyard without a second thought. This was a good idea. I’ve commented in the video that I could not see a great point in the attached leg rest but that’s tucked away underneath in case I change my mind:-)

Comments? Well, my medium-width bum fits but with not a lot of spare room. I do like the lumbar support, spending half the day in a chair blogging can be quite tiring without it. Overall this is a great improvement on my previous (not inexpensive) office chair but as I later found out – it DOES seem ained at kids – as I found it FAR to easy to bend the arms out.

Note to my British readers – see the Banggood UK site, it does seem that at the time of writing there’s an issue with larger items coming via the EU. Best check.

April 14 , 2021 Update: My only concerns about this chair as a medium weight tall Brit – include the marginally narrow seat (or it could be my bum-size – the flat part of the seat is 360mm wide) and more importantly – the arms – only 2 bolts each arm and as I use the arms to help get me out of this very comfy chair, I’m concerned about the flexing – could this shorten the life of the chair?


13 thoughts on “Blitzwolf Gaming Chairs from Banggood

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    1. Hi Julian

      Thats a new one on me, I never select the USA as source, because it is normally more expensive rather than China. In the case of the chairs, my screen is showing options for the chairs from CN and CZ, quite often, Spain and UK are in there UK. Only the blue chair has arrived so far and I see options of USA, CZ and PL. All deliver here to Spain, I’d not checked which ones deliver to the UK but maybe some deliveries from the EU to the UK are all over the place right now thanks to good old Brexit.

        1. Yup, just checked using a VPN. If you connect to Banggood from something recognised as a UK location, all of the BW chairs are ONLY available from the USA and you cannot have them delivered so no point in buying them.

          If you use a VPN to appear in another country, you get several options: CZ and PL (still no China though – I’m appearing as Eire). But there is still no way to get one shipped to the UK.

            1. Good morning Julian (and others) Banggood came back to me – and I quote … “ever since 1st Jan, due to Brexit, the shipping is currently not available, we did hang up a banner on our site notifying people, so, in short, products over 2KG from EU warehouse can’t be ordered from UK.”

              I know, that stinks. Well, I voted firmly against Brexit and did my damndest to convince others it was a bad idea, but we lost the battle – that’s one reason I’m in Spain right now – the other is Covid. I’m sorry for my many friends in the UK who order from Europe all the time (or from China etc via Europe)… no idea how long this will take to sort out.

              1. Not surprised and I kind of expected it. I also voted against.

                Slightly disappointing from them even so as it means they have lost a good chunk of market. Hopefully as things calm down they will realise this and reinstate.

                1. More response from Banggood – just to keep you up to date..the fellow who replied does far better English than I do Chinese.. sounds hopeful…

                  “As for the EU warehouse issue, actually we already solved that yesterday, but on paper it is not of course. Before that, most of the heavy items that weigh over 2KG will be sold mostly in CZ warehouse, UK partially, now they have enlarged the UK warehouse so now our salesmen can start shipping heavy items to the UK warehouse, just to avoid custom tax being charged twice”

                  1. That’s great! Many thanks Pete for following up on this. And I hope you will pass back thanks to Banggood for responding. Always good to see a supplier communicating with customers 😁

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