Blog Fixes

Apologies if you’ve been checking the blog today and noticed it appear in a smorgasbord of colour. I’ve been trying to fix an issue with login and menus – and in the end, started from scratch. Hopefully now all is working well. 

This all started with a note to ask people to use proper names when registering the blog – then someone wrote in to say he was getting white pages – so I pulled up a clean browser, created a new user and…  not pleasant.

So now that is hopefully behind us I’m hoping some of you can gain access to your profiles and let us have a picture – it’s always nice to see who you’re having a conversation with!

Confirmed: Banana-Pi M2  is on it’s way – I’ll be reviewing that shortly along with the FriendlyArm NanoPi M2.

BigTimer: I’ve put some updates into Bigtimer as a result of a request in here (and because it was a good idea).


4 thoughts on “Blog Fixes

  1. And that’s finally fixed the issue I contacted you about on LinkedIn, i.e. not being able to see anything in the menu bar. So now I can use the Contact function, except I can’t now remember what it was I was going to contact you about it has been broken for so long!


  2. Hi Peter, I don’t know if this is an issue at my end but using the Google Chrome browser on a 19″ monitor, the new font you have used is difficult to read. Random letters appear to be in bold and there is a lot of bleed between characters especially the letter “i” with many other characters. I haven’t experienced any such problems on other sites or your previous site style.

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