Blog Improvements

A little update for you…. I’ve added something new to the blog – user profiles – and I’ve taken something away. Lots of you have taken the time to register for the blog – but lots of folk visit and don’t bother to log in – I figure something for something – so logged in users to the site get an expanded menu – with a new profile system for those of you who like to put your pic in there and a little about yourself. I’ve taken away the about and contact pages for passers by (but not for logged in members) – and generally I think moving that stuff to the top menu makes life a little easier.

I hope you like the changes and encourage you to visit the USER area where you can put a couple of pics in there if you want to.

I’m currently working on my little touch board – the thermostat was yesterday – now I’m working on lighting control and more – seems to me this is a great way to tie the Raspberry Pi controller and the satellite ESP8266 boards together.  When I’m done I’ll document as much of it as I can – I must say that Nextion don’t make it easy to blog about your coding – but Node-Red of course DO. Some exciting new developments therein – keep looking in.