Bluetooth 5 Earbuds Comparison

AA-UM10 vs BW-ANC3

In today’s postbag, two sets of earbuds arrived. Here they are… and the . As usual, cost willl vary depending on where you live – see the links above for details and technical specs

To look at, there’s not a lot between these models. The AA-UM10 are branded Lutus NL (but everyone says they are Blitzwolf so who am I to argue) whereas the BW-ANC3 are simply branded Blitzwolf. Boxes are more or less the same size, both have black charging containers, both come with USB-C charging leads and spare ear inserts. Both are earbuds with short stems and noise cancelling.

The AA-UM10 have a single blue LED indicator on the front along with the USB-C connector, the BW-ANC3 have an array of white LEDs on the bottom alongside the USB-C connector.

The AA-UM10 units can be quite loud enough but there is a slight sibilance about voices at volume. The Blitzwolf on the other hand sounded clear (and again loud enough – maybe less so) – same source, same Pocophone X3 phone. Not a lot between them but I preferred the Blitzwolf BW-ANC3 over the AIRAUX AA-UM10 – which are slightly clearer but I don’t like that sibilance.

On the other hand my wife Maureen has better top end hearing than me – I tend to turn the volume up to 90% for clarity, she tends to turn it down to 50% – so it could be that the sibilance in the AA-UM10 is only an issue at high levels. Presonally I’m sticking with the Blitzwolfs so it’s rather handy that Maureen prefers the others.

In the photo above you see the AA-UM10 and BW-ANC3 side by side, the latter have smaller, more rounded stems and coincidentally the AA-UM10 case is more rounded, too. Both are decent earbuds, BT5 with, importantly, very little if any lag on YouTube. Both connected to my Android phone easily. And how do both of these compare to my trusty Redmi earbuds? Both have better bass.

Of course having now made a short video I’m left wondering it that “AIRAUX” brand is supposed to be pronounced with a French accent – as in “airo” – too late now.