Bosch Go Pro Screwdriver

Today in the post I received a Bosch Go Professional Screwdriver from GearBest.

Here’s the link:

Every word of the manual was in Chinese – but thanks to Google I immediately found the multilingual pdf manual online complete with a comprehensive English section.

Bosch Go Screwdriver

As it turns out, the manual isn’t really needed, well, I didn’t need it anyway. Plug the screwdriver into any USB power unit  (or any handy USB supply) – with the lead supplied – (that’s what I did) and lo, a short time later, one fully charged screwdriver. Of course it was probably most of the way there before I started.

I don’t get much in my box – the screwdriver, the Chinese instructions and a lead – that’s it, but then i got mine when it was on special offer. The Bosch uses standard screwdriver bits of course. The unit comes complete with one bit fitted. In the link I’ve put at the top, The drill comes complete with a 22-piece bit-and-drill kit. Mine came at a lower price without the bits and drill set.

Bosch Go Screwdriver

6 torque levels – forward and backward buttons – press to operate – what can  I say – it’s a winner. There is more than adequate torque and it looks like it’ll take a drop on the floor, as does the box. Lithium powered of course – isn’t everything?

Very nice – I have a tendency to break screwdrivers so one can never have too many.

Here’s a photo of the complete kit. My screwdriver was on sale at the time at half the price you see here but without the “bit kit”.

.Bosch screwdriver and bit kit

Whether you find the complete kit to be good value depends on how you value genuine bits as against generics and what, if any supplies of drills and bits you already have,