Brelong HT033 Desktop fan with Time/Temperature

The “Subute 4 inch display fan” is a USB-powered fan which tells the time and temperature using a set of LEDs on one of the blades – and I have to say it does it very well. Instructions came in English and Chinese and all you have on the back is a small on-off switch – and a time set button.

USB clock fan Gearbest

Easy-peasy, press the time-set button for 4 seconds then single press for every minute you want to advance or long-press to go through hours and minutes. Leave the button alone for at least 5 seconds when you are done. The actual time/temperature image is clearer than shown here, I had to do a slow exposure to show the time without strobing effects. There IS a seconds hand too.

And here’s a thing – I just tested this here in Southern Spain, you can read the time in bright sunlight, handy for the beach with a USB battery pack. I guess it’ll be a little while before readers back home in the UK can try this. Here, temperature is nice but when sitting at the computer it can get a little stuffy – hence the fan is on my desk.

The unit retains time info when power is removed. It has been in shipping for some time and when I first turned it on, it said 7:30 – had it reset I’d have expected 12:00 – so that’s good.  The angle is fully adjustable up and down. Up to now I can’t fault it – handy as the temperature rises here in Spain. I suspect it will take a little longer before UK readers are desperate for cooling. Very quiet fan.

Materials include metal and plastic. Frame is black-coated metal. Power is 2-3w at 5v. A 5ft lead is provided. You provide the USB power supply – so that’s a 0.6 amp (600ma) or better USB supply. The fan weighs 0.33Kg. Size 15cm x 15cm x 8cm. Noise level below 36db.

Packaging was simple, the unit arrived in rural Spain in one piece from the now defunct Gearbest. Temperature can apparently be set to degrees F – I’ve not tried that. Materials are apparently “environmentally friendly”