Bringing the Pi into the PC world

So you have your sparkly new Raspberry Pi and the first thing you need to do is remotely access it from the PC… and so you install TIGHTVNC… and put that on the PC and they talk to each other and…. no clipboard…

This link got me out of a jam. Now I can use either TightVNC or UltraVNC on my Windows PC, talk to the Pi and copy and paste.. Indeed thanks to ”Input Director” on the PC, I can copy and paste between a number of PCs and the Pi. Now that’s civilised.

If only I could get Filezilla on the PC to let me change FTP permissions on the Pi that would be even more civilised.


7 thoughts on “Bringing the Pi into the PC world

  1. Peter,
    I have been following your interesting blog and have been similarly fascinated with these ESP8266 boards. I have been using the AT commands, but have just managed to upload LUA and am just learning about all that.
    I spotted your dealings with the Raspberry Pi and thought you might like to add WinSCP ( to your list of tools. I find it a very useful file shifter with a friendly GUI and use it in place of Filezilla.

    1. Simon: Oh HELL YES this is way better than FileZilla and it even imported my settings. I’ve solved most of the issues but right now WordPress can’t create a directory under wp-content…. (and before anyone asks no I’m not planning to start a website – I’m just experimenting with something I know to get a gut feeling for this and…
      You have SOLVED my problem and my need to avoid command lines too. From WIN-SCP I can set and understand permissions as the properties of a directory – the problem was immediately obvious and I’ve now successfully had WordPress write the image. Thank you so much.

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