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Roseapple Pi and Wiring Nirvana

Lemon PiYes, you’ve heard it all now, we have Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Nano Pi and... Roseapple  Pi.

A long time ago when I first wrote about this board, there was a price tag of $35 (I believe it was called the Lemon Pi - same board, different marketing - hence the image on the right) - well, some time ago it was £44 from AliEspress - now I cannot find it - but then I've not looked hard.

Well, this board stands out a mile – it has three USB ports just like the Raspberry Pi – BUT – one of them is USB3  - which could be a game-changer when it comes to using external memory or hard drives!!!

No longer that easy to get a hold of – but might be worth checking – read on…

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