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Enter the Banana Pi M3

Banana Pi 3Last week, a (new to me) company called Allchips sent me a BananaPi 3 to play with. Ending September 24, they have a Raspberry Pi 3 giveaway (not that this has entry anything to do with Raspberry Pi).

Banana Pi boards are not something I’ve done a lot with – other than the Banana Pi M2 and so I was interested to see how this compared to other boards.  As usual I went off to my usual places – Armbian and DietPi to have a look see if they had versions of Debian or Xenial on offer – they didn’t – though both do generally support Banana Pi boards.

At least on the surface, the Banana Pi M3 has lots going for it, 2GB Ram, 8GB eMMC memory, Bluetooth (4.0) , WIFI, Gigabit Ethernet and a 1.8 Octacore processor as well as well as infra-red built in.

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