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DANIU A99 2MP USB/microUSB Boroscope

Bright LEDs on this boroscopeHere’s the full item description as supplied by Banggood.

DANIU A99 720P 2MP Tube Camera —

Good toy. In order to use it with Windows, you need to download and for Android:

Danui camera from BanggoodExcept when you don’t. In my case, the USB/microUSB interface is no good for my phone (USB C) but I found that as soon as I plugged the camera into my PC (Windows 10) it was immediately recognised as a USB 2 camera and the standard “camera” app on Windows ran with it, no problem.

So I didn’t need to install ANYTHING. There are attachments for checking teeth or other body parts (45 degree mirror in a tube) but I figured you would prefer I NOT demo that facility.

Initial impression: does as it says – good, stable image, (in my case) trivial installation, full colour, readable instructions. A USB C option would have been nice but I guess you can’t please everyone. The (metal) unit is IP67 waterproof, whatever that means.