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Christmas RGB Animation

Cloe admiring my Christmas lights

My ESP8266 home control code contains not only RGB code for serial LEDs but also a complete programming setup to generate and loop sequences… and so with merely one wire and VERY  little work, we end up with some fancy animation.

Here we see an old, gutted plastic Christmas window decoration which WAS filled with old fashioned white lights but now has a string of 69 serial LEDs running animation around the inside.

I made one of these last year but when it came to trying out my animated LED Christmas lighting this year – nothing happened – dead. After wasting hours I remembered I’d changed the code earlier this year so for anyone using my ESP8266 software and wanting to knock up a quick Christmas animation – here it is…

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Christmas 2015


Just a quick note to wish our many subscribers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our plans for Christmas are simple – we’ll be spending time with family and friends. Sadly in the modern world many people who have come to be friends are scattered all over the world but thanks to our technology at least we can keep in touch.  No doubt lots of new gadgets will appear over the Christmas and as usual I won’t be able to resist the temptation to write about them – but for now, to everyone looking in – have a great Christmas break!