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Photo Apps

Deep Art Effects for Android and IOSIt just occurred to me that the sub-title of my tech blog infers anything to do with gadgets – and most sunny summer days  I find time to take photos, usually of gadgets but also of friends, scenery and local events. I do have a blog for photography – a relatively new blog and until today COMPLETELY forgot to add subscribe, log-in and log-out buttons.

Thanks to forgetting to give it a “subscribe” button” – I probably end up writing to myself most of the time. Anyway, the phone is a “gadget” – and regular readers know that I cherish my Xiaomi Pocophone. The same readers also likely know I’m a great fan of the Android “Snapseed” app which handles most photo processing “essentials”, despite being free. Well, my NEW photo toy is very cheap and called “Deep Art Effects”. More of that over on the photo blog.