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Just a little sidetrack while I wait for some stuff to arrive in the post to test my Pi Zero…. I’m using BLYNK (with issues) for controlling my heating – but as you may know, switching between 2 installations of Blynk is a pain involving logging out and back in. So this morning I thought I’d take a look at EMONCMS purely from a monitoring perspective.  It’s all free – you simply get an account – and in my case grab the EMONCMS NODE for Node-Red and start firing data at it.

So, this morning I know nothing – here’s my current dashboard.


As you can see monitoring 3 separate locations (my litttle ESP-12 boards – incidentally the Hollyberry one is now running on Espressif SDK 1.5 no problem) – and on the bottom right is a nice voltmeter checking my Pergola battery voltage.

Essentially given the address of the EMONCMS server (which can be theirs or you can have your own on a Raspberry Pi) and an API key, you just fire things like “is_temp:18” at the server and the values end up in a FEED which you then attach to one of the widgets – all very simple once you get into it.

Now – does anyone know of better/more flexible free IOT dashboards…