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Gosund Smart Sockets

Gosund 16A smart sockets with power monitoringA pair of Gosund SP1 16A (i.w. 16 amps) Smart sockets turned up for me today.

These German smart sockets plug into your mains power outlet and allow you to control the output either locally or remotely by a variety of means.

Now, first off the bat these are not as cheap as the Chinese versions, they are made in Germany and at least to Spain I got rapid delivery. I suggest they mean 16Amps non-inductive load – so just as with the Chinese versions I’d be very wary about attaching a 16 amp heater. At 220v I’m thinking a 2KW heater should be fine – but I’ve not tested that yet as it is WAY too hot here in Spain to test any kind of heater.

There is an on-off manual override button on the top…. with a red light – OFF when off, dim RED when ON. I plugged them into the mains one at time after grabbing the Android App “Smart Life” – there is handily a QR code for this on the side of the boxes they come in.

As it happened I already had an account with this APP as I must use it for other stuff but that’s easy.

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