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Huawei Honor Band 4

tmp7494In this morning’s post the Honor Band 4 Smartband – and lovely it is too. It has a little USB charge lead that connects to the band and hooks to any USB supply. Sitting in the garden I just happened to have my sadly-no-longer-sold-by-Currys Mixx Charge Power Bank – and without rising from my seat, plugged in the band.

Shortly thereafter,  the band had 80% charge and came up in Chinese but with a QR Code (how did we ever manage before these were invented) and so I told my Pocophone to scan the code and the next thing the Health App was on it’s way.

Next, I registered with the App and hit the + sign to add a new device, I told the APP I have the Honor 4. The band registered by Bluetooth immediately and next, I looked at upgrade options and was presented with the option to upgrade it’s firmware. I agreed and moments later, a fully up to date band operating in English. That reduced the charge to 70%, not bad as it was a big upgrade, Lovely and there is a UK hotline for the APP. I’m sure that applies to other countries, too. I fully charged the band and I’ve been wearing it ever since – 24 hours and counting.

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