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My New Kinetic Light Switches

Here’s something new (for some of us at least). I’ve been struggling with faulty hall wiring for some time since another room rewire – well, not faulty, more disconnected. The problem is while I can easily seal up the original wiring with just one hole in the (flat roof) ceiling and acquire new power from elsewhere, the two interlocking wall switches are another matter – they go up inside stone walls and into the ceiling space at each end of the hall … not a problem but for the flat roof and the fact that I have no idea where the two of them meet up.

I’d really rather not dismantle the entire hall ceiling to find out where the switch wiring meets the power and there is no way to get to the switches or the wiring from above. My choices were boiling down to one – some kind of battery powered remote switches – and how would I do changeover? two circuits?

Battery free remote switching

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