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The Plan

So here's the plan... in my home control article I pretty much tell you what we've done with our ESP-12 boards - we're expecting one with no mistakes arriving this week - artwork is in the blog - I'll confirm once we've tested it that there are no sillies. The code is on the web and linked to from the home control article though we do need to do some more explanation and that will happen soon.  These boards are at their best talking to MQTT and Node-Red and the next step is to start a series of articles on how to get this up and running. We're planning to release a script that should make setup on Debian quite simple and then to continue the series tackling the various aspects of control and monitoring. I'm in the process of preparing for a summer in Spain which is why not a lot new here (though some GREAT comments coming through) but this weekend coming we should be starting to put something together.



apt-get WHAT?

Raspberry PiIf like me you are a reluctant Linux user, dragged in merely because you want to make use of the new Raspberry Pi 2 in your projects (and I bought mine as a hub for my Arduino/ESP8266 projects) – you’ll be slowly coming to grips with meaningful terms like SUDO and APT-GET. But until this morning I still wasn’t that clear on the various ways of updating packages – there’s apt-get followed by update or upgrade or dist-upgrade, all carefully designed to confuse the pants of beginners.

So I was rather pleased when reader Rob dropped me a note with this link – which describes the various options.