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LiPro Balance Charger

LIPRO BALANCE CHARGEREvery time I see a video about charging or testing batteries, I tend to see one of these shiny blue units (or similar) – so I thought it was about time I got one! 

The LiPro Balance Charger (or rather, a clone as we will see later) is pocket sized and has an input socket on the left… it takes from 11v to 18v input… and trust me it objects loudly if you put in a higher voltage as I did – beeps like crazy – but then that’s better than blowing up, any day.

I have lots of Lithium and other types of batteries lying around and some of the claims for them are bordering on the ridiculous – and I’ve always thought, wouldn’t it be nice to actually be able to CHECK the claims – and of course another battery charger never goes to waste. Read on…

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Uninterruptible Supplies

Need a power supply with battery backup that shuts off your PI or similar gracefully when the battery gets low and starts up when the battery  recovers? I’m sure most of us who play with the likes of Raspberry Pis and other SBC boards as well as other devices, have looked at uninterruptible supplies at one point or another – I often use the little battery powered chargers you get for phones – and until recently I thought that was a universal solution – having powered my Pi in Spain for many months now on one of these and we get awful power cuts there – no problem.

Latest update 23/07/2017

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