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A better Terminal? MobaXterm

New reader Lorcan sent a note this morning to point me to this terminal for Windows..

i have to tell you – at least at first glance this appears to blow the pants off WinSCP, TighVNC viewer and others – as it does the LOT!


So the above are your options – I’ve already had VNC and SSH talking to my Spanish Raspberry Pi without a hitch.

As if this wasn’t enough – it has a load of local servers you can run to test stuff! FTP, TFT, HTTP, SSH, Telnet, NFS, VNC, Chron. Sadly these only run while the program itself is running – but hey – for home use it’s free – what more could you want!

In the process of this I noticed that last item – MOSH. You need to install it on the PI to run it, essentially it is SSH for mobile use with potentially bad connections by the look of it. I noticed only the terminal but if you need to control your Pi from the train – this could be worth looking at – indeed, it was worth installing Mobaxterm just to discover Mosh!

Of course, being me I closed the first session with the little cross – next time I opened up it said “You have a detached Mosh session on this server”.  And that’s when I learned how to use the KILL command.

All this in one lunchtime session!

Update 25/11/2015 -  I’ve been using this for a few days now and there are some major and minor issues compared to WinSCP. Firstly, right click a file in WinSCP – and you get to handle properties the way you’ve always done in Windows – tick boxes. Nice – no such thing in Mobaxterm though when I mentioned the idea to the authors the respondent thought it was a good idea. More importantly – drag and drop. Now I don’t know if it’s just the fact that I’m 4000 miles away from home – but updating a couple of files on my Raspberry Pi by dragging from the desktop into Mobaxterm took so long I just gave up. I loaded up WinSCP – and almost instantly the files transferred across.  I’m not writing off WinSCP yet.